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aerial hoops

At Vantastic Event Entertainment, we work closely with "The Big Topp Show", our Independent Partner and Cirque Specialist with 15 years experience, to provide highly accomplished, entertaining and experienced Cirque options, perfect for Welcome Receptions, Conference Galas, Product Launches, Corporate Anniversary Celebrations and similar events.

Our performers are selected not only for their talent, but also the love they have for their craft and their incomparable levels of motivation to give their best at every event.

Each performance vignette is fully choreographed and music accompaniment is selected with theme/event compatibility in mind. For the last vignette, during the fully choreographed aerial silks performance, we provide the addition of a duo, or solo vocalist to perform an appropriate song to commemorate the event and to finish with an emotional and heart rending finale.

Our full show comprises Contortionists, Contact Juggling, Aerialists, Acrobats, Hand-to-Hand Acrobalance, Fire Performance, featuring Cirque Du Soleil Alumni, Opera Singers, and Theatre Actors of the highest caliber.

The whole production is a collaborative endeavor from start to finish. Every effort is made to ensure your guests are thoroughly entertained, and that they leave with everlasting memories of a phenomenal and spectacular show.



Aerials & Contortion

Our contortionist girls will showcase a choreographed set of moves or poses, to music, which require extreme precision and flexibility. The physicality required to perform such acts greatly exceeds that of the general population.

It is their dramatic feats of seemingly inhuman flexibility that captivate audiences, leaving them asking "how do they do that"!


contact juggling

Contact Juggling

The mystical art of Contact Juggling is manipulating and spinning transparent glass balls around the hands and arms, with precision balance required to transfer the balls between hands and arms in fluid and graceful movements.

Isolation techniques are used to perfection, so that it appears the balls are suspended in one place.

Sleight of hand techniques are skillfully portrayed. Our performer exploits the clear surface of the ball to disguise any noticeable rotation while she moves around the ball.


aerial hoops

Aerial Hoops

Aerial Hoops. This discipline incorporates strength, flexibility, agility and exquisite body posture. Our duo aerial hoop artists manipulate their bodies around the hoops to form graceful shapes and perform awe-inspiring acrobatic skills as they partake in an elegant aerial dance, choreographed to specially selected music.

Kira and Keely are muti-disciplined performers, both of whom love to perform. They choreograph their own routines and perform them with elegance and precision every single time.

Their breath-taking skills are sure to create a memorable experience for everyone present.


hand to hand acrobalance

Hand-to-Hand Acrobalance

This discipline features a male/female Hand-to-Hand Acrobalance duo. This duo never fail to WOW the audience with their "jaw-dropping" feats of acrobatic hand balancing that seem humanly impossible to the on-looking ley person's naked eye!

The act combines pure braun and elegance, a perfect combination to captivate the atention of the audience. Their pledge is to always give of their best and they are totally committed to being remembered as the highlight of the event - every time.

They have an unmistakable chemistry, beautiful symmetry, and a mystique that will leave your guests in complete awe.


Darren Bersuk Acrobat

Darren is a world class performer! He has spent over 7 years on the stages of 3 different Cirque du Soleil shows, performing his original acrobatic creations in Delirium and Saltimabanco, and got his start in Mystere's house troop.

Darren has performed on the Late Show with David Letterman (twice), The View, The Today Show, Good Morning America, The Olympics Samsung pavilion, Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving Day Halftime Show (twice) and has performed literally thousands of times over the span of 5 continents.

Corporate clients have included: Bacardi, Mercedes, Chrysler, Amheuser-Busch, Nike, Formula One, Virgin, and many dozens more.

More credentials include 7 years on Canada's National Gymnastics Team, competing in 2 World Championships, Pan Am Games and multiple other international competitions. Darren in in the Canadian Gymnastics Hall of Fame.

Darren now lives in beautiful Vancouver, Canada.


egyptian fire show

Egyptian Fire Show

Our exciting prelude to the amazing finale is a Fire Act Solo or Duo. A beautiful love story Pyro-musical Spectacular featuring Music and Dance. This Fire Performance is one not to be missed!

The show begins with a single flaming rose accompanied with beautiful operatic circus vocals, miraculously performed while the dance is being executed. It then continues with Fire Staff spinning, Fire Swords, Flaming Hula Hoop, and Fire Poi which crescendos into an amazing fire breathing Finale!

Our performers are of the highest calibre, skillful and talented. They illuminate the stage in more ways than one every single time.


egyptian fire show

The Finale!! Aerial Silks

Our beautiful, graceful, awe-inspiring aerial silk duo execute a fully choreographed routine to one of the most emotionally provocative songs ever written. One of the best vocal talents in all of Canada, Karina Morin performs Leonard Cohen’s "Hallelujah". The world witnessed one of the greatest ever live vocal performances when KD Lang performed it at the Vancouver Olympics. Karina's version is soft and soulful yet powerful and of course - emotional. The silks represent a perfect, choreographed, in-sync accompaniment to one of the greatest ever songs. If you have a song that has special meaning or significance, our team are prepared to take requests, and choreograph their routine accordingly.

This finale is the "piéce de la résistance", an amazing spectacle, certain to bring the house down in delighted delirium!