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At Vantastic Event Entertainment we invest time and effort into sourcing the very best entertainment from within Canada and right across North America and occasionally beyond! It is our immense pleasure to represent the hardest working, most entertaining, most accomplished event bands.



ten souljers

Ten Souljers

Look no further. Canada's #1 Event Band, Ten Souljers are WAY more than just an amazing special event band. They are your event partner!! After 12 years of performing at the highest level amounting to over 600 shows, their vast experience, glowing reputation and many 5 star reviews.

Their service is simply the best and most dependable out there. From pre-event planning input to technical production and full AV services, to music selection, theme collaboration, timely and comprehensive communications, and ultimately the always-stunning performance! Ten Souljers have established themselves as the leading band in the event industry in Vancouver. Their desire to make "“"you the event planner"”" look as good as possible is obvious from first contact through to performance!

In a metaphorical sense, the band is a "family". Their bond is as tight as it gets, after years of close friendship, and this readily transmits to their on stage performance and consequently to the audience!

Between 6 and 14 exceptionally talented performers with unparalleled charisma combine to create an explosive energy. The band strive for musical perfection, and during performance can be observed "cajoling" each other to new heights. It’s like witnessing the artistic unification of something that was "meant to be". This togetherness is an ever present feature of their service and this is what sets them apart!!

Fast becoming the "go to" band for all of the very biggest events, very few other bands in the world are capable of producing the results of this exceptional team.

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cease and desist

Cease and Desist

Television appearances include video projects for Much Music, CBC, CTV, CMT, YTV, GLOBAL and CHEK TV.

CEASE & DESIST! Are sure to make your party a great one. They present themselves as the consummate professionals that they are and are always happy to do your special requests. Most jobs they have done in the past have rewarded them with return engagements.

The band's song list is extensive. They take great pride in their versatility. To hear them play an “Andrews Sisters” song to a “Garth Brooks” song to a “Joni Mitchell” song to an “AC/DC” song back to back, verbatim, (if that’s what the request is) is not uncommon and highly entertaining.

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The Collective

The COLLECTIVE is a Vancouver dance band comprised of the finest musicians, singers and performers from Canada, the US and the UK. Blessed with immense musical talent, this dynamic 8, 10 or 12-piece dance band is a must-have at your next event. 

The COLLECTIVE specializes in soulful, groove-oriented Top 40 Dance Hits, Urban R&B, Electronic Dance Music, 90's Hip Hop and Neo-Soul ranging from Bruno Mars to The ChainSmokers and Mary J Blige to Justin Timberlake. Their repertoire also consists of hits from Motown, favourite Disco 70's hits and they have also been known to occasionally pull out some popular 80's retro rock from Journey, Bryan Adams and AC/DC. 

With over 20 years of collective experience between them, a high-energy, interactive stage show and a song-list that will impress, the COLLECTIVE is the band your guests will be talking about for years to come. They have also been known to invite up on stage, guest tambourinists, aspiring singers or to feature your group's best spotlight dancers! 

This very talented collection of artists have joined forces to make music together and they will most definitely bring the X-Factor to your next special event!

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dr strangelove

Dr. Strangelove

Dr. Strangelove is to Vancouver what a soother is to a baby!! Simply a “must have”!! And if you don’t have it – you’ll cry! When it comes to dance bands, they are the “Darling of the West Coast”! Affectionately known as “Vancouver’s House Band”, they have graced the stage at many of the biggest, most prestigious corporate events. Previous clients include the Vancouver Canucks, NFL, and BC Lions to name but three! Need I say more?

We at Vantastic LOVE this band and would put faith in them to perform at any time for any occasion.

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faith and desire

Faith and Desire

They say the sum of a group is greater than it's parts, and Faith & Desire is no exception. Combining the talents of former members from some of Canada's greatest contemporary groups, the result is a powerful musical unit with the flexibility and experience to entertain any audience. Including former members of Trooper, Strange Advance, The Northern Pikes and Rymes With Orange, this band is no newcomer to the stage or great music.

What are the results? Two CDs internationally released and innumerable gigs across North America. Dates as diverse as: Disney World Florida's Main Stage, an annual spot at Molson Indy Vancouver, LA's Whiskey A-Go-Go and opening for Richard Marx in Hawaii.
Return annual events for: The Vancouver Club, Molson Breweries and Whistler / Blackcomb's Intrawest. Film and television appearances such as The Linda McCartney Story and musically backing up Jim Belushi.
Literally hundreds of successful events for clients as varied as: law firms, movie wraps, conventions, private homes, business associations, fund raisers, sporting events, casinos, production companies... and the list continues to grow.

Faith & Desire continues to be the hardest working and in demand band in Vancouver and beyond.

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groove n tonic

Groove 'n' Tonic

One of Vancouver's very best bands, Groove 'n' Tonic are a slice of pure quality! Once seen – never forgotten. Every member of "G&T" was carefully selected for their musical magic, and their passion for performance. Leader and "born-to-be" front man Sean Dillon laid the foundations for what is and will become one of the great event bands of the decade. In Marie Hui, their female lead vocalist, they have a world class singer and performer.

Naturally gifted, Marie's voice is pure and powerful enough to pierce the soul of the most discerning of music critics. G & T's repertoire incorporates classic multi-genre hits, as well as the biggest songs of today.

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Since year 2000 the Hitzone have been wowing Vancouver audiences with their energy and style. Leader Tom Arntzen, hugely respected in the music community, has assembled a phenomenal band of gifted performers who never fail to generate a fantastic atmosphere and keep the dance floor as it should be – jam packed and rocking!!

Client oriented Tom insists on versatility in order to appeal to all tastes, and will bend over backwards to tailor the performance to suit the audience demographic, and will always accommodate preferences.

Vantastic readily endorse the Hitzone as one of the best event bands in Vancouver, and one perfectly suited to the largest of events.

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jet set band

Jet Set Band

Specializing in dance floor filling tunes from the last 40 years, the Jet Set Band are a group of talented, experienced and dedicated musicians, providing your event with quality entertainment at an affordable price. Their members pride themselves on being able to provide the ultimate party and dance experience regardless of the size/nature of the venue.

They also provide smaller ensemble pre-party jazz music for the “full package”! Since it’s inception Jet Set has provided unforgettable entertainment for scores of Corporate Parties, Private functions and Weddings.

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la allstars

LA Allstars

The LA Allstars are simply amazing in every way. Profoundly entertaining, exciting, massive energy and hugely diverse.

The most well known global corporations, both large and small have trusted the LA Allstars to perform on their corporate events all across the USA, Canada, Spain, Mexico, Dubai, Russia and Italy. Clients who rave about their experiences with LA Allstars include IBM, Google, Bank Of America, Toyota, Nokia, Sony Music and McDonalds, just to name a few. Performing in any configuration from a single musician up to 10 plus piece band, LA Allstars dynamic show covers many styles, ranging from Current Hits to Classic rock, R&B and Motown to Disco, including Standard Jazz to Swing, essentially catering to any audiences needs.

LA Allstars pride themselves as being extremely flexible and organized with a dedicated attention to detail. The ultimate professionals both on and off stage, LA Allstars will go above and beyond to ensure your corporate event exceeds your clients expectations.

This band we highly recommend for your event. They are at the high end in terms of budget, but worth every cent!!

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liquid blue band

Liquid Blue

Liquid Blue© is a multi award-winning international recording / touring act and cover band for high-end events. The San Diego based ensemble has performed in more than 100 countries and hold a Guinness World Record© . The band scored a Billboard Top-10 Hit in 2010 and have been featured on Seven Magazine Covers.

In 2005 Liquid Blue became the first American act to be signed by a major Chinese record label and was chosen to represent the United States at the CCTV kick-off concert for the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. The group has performed at sold-out, ticketed shows worldwide and has received more accolades, awards and recognition than any other cover band in the music industry.
Liquid Blue is a certified green business.

Liquid Blue is the most accomplished and highly acclaimed party band in the event business. "Music To Move You"© is the band's official slogan and the audience is sure to be pumped up and excited from the first number until the finale.
Honored as "America's Best Dance Band" by the National Music Awards, Liquid Blue was also named "Entertainment Act of the Year" at the 2012 Biz Bash Readers Choice Awards as well as "Entertainer of the Year" at the 2011 Event Solutions Spotlight Awards.

Locally they've been recognized "Best Cover Band" at the San Diego Music Awards. The band covers over 600 songs including a multitude of musical styles. This is not your typical cover band but an internationally acclaimed, cutting-edge ensemble that will intrigue your guests and leave them wanting more. Liquid Blue has proven both on-stage and in the studio to be one of the world's premiere dance bands!

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luv shak

Luv Shak

LUV SHAK have a reputation for being one of Vancouver’s most respected and in demand corporate function bands. They have a powerful, live presence and combine four of Vancouver’s most exciting performers. Their diverse repertoire, coupled with a fresh and energetic line up, makes them a priority for many events looking for entertainment that stands out from the crowd.

The band performs all the CURRENT AND RECENT POP HITS as well as all your favourite retro hits from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and beyond. Songs from artists like - Kylie Minogue, Santana, Rihanna, Black Eyed Peas, Elvis Presley, Blondie, George Michael, Abba, B52’s, Neil Diamond, Madonna, Michael Jackson... to name a few.
For more info please click on the ‘Setlist’ tab.

LUV SHAK is known for its musical versatility, and above all, its ability to connect with ,and entertain an audience. From universal classics to modern pop, reggae, and blues tunes, LUV SHAK’s setlist is honed to accommodate any situation. They can also play a dinner set on request.

The objective for LUVHAK is to ensure that the client is confident that the entertainment is in capable hands ,and above all, everybody has a “GOOD TIME!”

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march hare

March Hare

This supremely entertaining 4 piece band have stood the test of time – and then some! One of the most famous, best loved event bands in Canada, March Hare are masters in the art of entertaining audiences large or small. With an uncanny knack for sounding just like your favorite artists, they “rock out” some of the greatest songs of all time from across all the genres.

They also perform a “Through the Decades” show with crazy costume changes, authentically delivered to accurately reflect each decade both musically and visually. March Hare are self sufficient in that they can provide their own sound and lighting system. A top class, consummately professional band in every way.

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march hare thru the decades

March Hare
Thru The Decades

Along with a fantastic variety of music spanning over five decades, the March Hare Band has developed several theme shows including the enormously successful "Thru the Decades" which has received rave reviews from everyone.

Some entertainers are very good at a specific genre or artist, but we have found that many clients and audiences prefer a variety of musical tastes (older, newer, lighter, heavier, etc.), and the March Hare Band is unequaled in offering top notch versions of the widest range of music. Three lead singers, exceptional musical talent, many years of experience, a full costume show on request, and a tremendous love of performing come together to make the "Thru the Decades" show a very special experience.

"Thru the Decades" is a very fun and entertaining musical time travel from the late 50s right up today. Older people love it because it begins with many of their favorite hits from the past, and younger people love it because it celebrates both old and new and brings together the history of rock/pop music history right up to today. With well over twenty costume bits, it is VERY entertaining and also fully danceable. Everyone loves it!

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The Phonix

We are Vancouver's ONLY 9-piece wedding band that specializes in Funk, Soul and R&B music.

Your wedding is a very special day and deserves to be unique and memorable. Booking an unforgettable entertainment package should be fun and easy. We are excited to do this for you!

The Phonix play songs that you and all your guests, young and old, will recognize and want to dance to - guaranteed! Past clients agree that “old school songs,” like those from the R&B, Funk and Soul genres are the best to keep the dance floor energized. In addition, we are more than happy to learn any song for your special day.

Want to be even more unique? We now offer professional dancers, Project Soul, to electrify your party. Breakdancers, lockers and poppers were born in the fires of funk-style music and are the natural complement to our show. Book your wedding package with the Phonix and the Project Soul dancers for a truly unique wedding. We will entertain you and your guests with a dynamic and inspiring choreographed show, as well as teach your guests some dance moves in an interactive group lesson!

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Radioactive is made up of four extremely talented and seasoned music professionals from Vancouver BC. They perform a huge diversity of material and will keep the dance floor rocking all night.

They can perform background music during cocktail reception prior to the main event, and pick up the tempo later in the evening. They are first and foremost a dance band, and can provide 4 to 7 piece configurations.

Their 3 piece horn section opens up more material, and adds to the already grest dynamic of the band

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young executives

The Young Executives

Young, hip and happening, smart appearance, superb presentation, musically magnificent, awesome male and female lead vocals, the Young Executives are the dance band entrepreneurs of BC. They are an amalgamation of members from successful Vancouver bands, two of whom have participated in the finals of Canadian Idol, testament indeed to their unquestionable talent.

Their playlist is hugely diverse. From Rock to Country, R & B to contemporary.
The band have performed at many major corporate events, and are on their way to becoming one of the leading event bands in Canada.

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